Trusting your breeder

I have discussed where to get puppies often; and for me one of the best places is a good breeder. One who has a few dogs living in their home, who care for their puppies, do all the health and mental testing and demand alot from a prospective puppy guardian. Afterall these puppies are their babies; it should be tough to pry one away from them.

I have also spoken about choosing a puppy; and how puppy looks should have little or no impact on a decision. With many breeders; there is one choice of a puppy. It is this one puppy or no puppy. This is common practice with good breeders and one that I agree with. Sometimes there are several puppies you have to choose from which means that they are similar in temperament.

Placing puppies with the right home takes work. When I do temperament tests I get to see just how different puppies are. I do believe that where puppies end up can make a huge difference in the adult dog that they will grow into. But an important factor is to place each puppy in the best home for them and the new family. Breeders need to ask alot of questions; and the more honest answers the family gives them the better chance of having a well matched puppy.

Many people feel the need to choose their own puppy. Whether through long distance photos over the internet or in person they feel somehow that they should choose their own. Well, most people have no idea how to choose a puppy other than going with the one that comes to them or the one (as I've said before) with the spot over their eye.

Each puppy is vastly an individual and deals very differently when pulled from the litter. The one in the litter that may seem to be the big bully may indeed be the most fearful once pulled out and tested. The little tiny one who seems lost in the litter may be the agility prospect for the future. Good breeders know their puppies, they have spent hours upon hours watching and assessing. They have watched the slow evolution of each puppy and can best place them in a matching family.

I understand the desire to choose your own puppy; but if you have met a breeder you trust. And this is very important; you should have discussed much with your prospective breeder; and if you are not comfortable getting a puppy from them then move on. There are few great breeders out there; and there are many bad breeders. Finding a good one takes time, talking to referrals and other people who have puppies from this breeder.

Once you feel comfortable and put your trust in this particular breeder; put your trust in them to choose the correct dog for you. In the end it will be the the smartest thing you can do for your puppy and for your family.

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