Friday already????

Wow, how'd it get here so fast? Yesterday is but a flashing blur; I was up to my elbows in my book, trying to get it to the completion point. I had a plumber here for hours so the dogs spent the afternoon outside. But in the morning they were still in bed early when I hit the gym; but when I got home with armloads of raw meat they were wide awake.

On the way home from the gym I thought about Luke and his neck. He was upset that he was sore so I made a detour to the grocer to pick up some "pick me up" so to speak. It picked him up alright and it was a speedy way to feed the dogs to boot (Canadian slang meaning "as well"). I cut up some fresh sirloin steak into 1" cubes and went out to the backyard with my cutting board piled high. The dogs all sit nicely waiting their turn, there is no pushing or shoving. Luke never seems to have a problem eating raw beef.

So today we are to hit a new spot for the dogs. I am meeting with some of our OC Standard Poodle group to check it out. Luke is much better and even lastnight he was routing through the toys and tossing everything around. This morning when I go downstairs there will be toys spread from one end of the room to the other. This is my morning toy pick up routine.

The dogs will be good and tired for the rest of the day and it's a good thing because we are heading out to the PBR tonight and I'm stoked. That's right I'm a redneck and proud of it!

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