New canine carrier and getting dirty

Okay, I'm stoked. I actually cannot wait to get up and get outside to look at my new vehicle. I have been a bigtime xterra lover (over 3 years now) and I just got a new one yesterday. You know its the car for you when you can't imagine driving anything else, right? I just have to do a few personalizing things to it and we're good for a longtime. My first xterra was a 2005 black, now my new one is a 2009 red.

The xterra is a perfect "dog" vehicle, it is utility enough so I don't worry about dirt. I'm not a big dirt worrier to start with and the last thing I want to worry about when having fun with my dogs is a bit of dirt getting in the car. I am a big believer of fun; even if it's dirty fun. Dirt washes off right?

When I was at the grooming show last weekend I was in the restroom and a little girl came in. She was holding her hands in the air and was sporting a "yuck" face. She immediately declared as she entered the room "I have to wash my hands, I touched a dog." This made me smile, then ponder. A dog? She touched a dog? And not only was it a dog but a dog at a grooming show. That would mean that this was no riff raff type dog, it was clean. Oh well.

I remember when we lived on 3 acres of mud back in Canada. It took about a year to get some seed on the property and growing. So talk about muddy poodles, up to your elbow type muddy poodles. And the kids were dirty, always dirty. Dirt helps build your immune system. Just look it up, Dirt and a healthy immune system. I watched a show several years ago where a professor was claiming that the people long ago were healthier because they had animals living in their homes, which meant that their immune system was continually dealing with bacteria. This daily contact with bacteria helps to train and exercise your immune system.

I completely agree with this. Our world has become an overuse of "disinfectant" products which not only rob our bodies of everyday bacteria for our immune system to build on but also pollute our environment. I have switched almost entirely to "green" cleaning products and use vinegar and baking soda whenever I can. My family is pretty healthy and I do think it has alot to do with the fact that we "live with dogs."

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