Saturday mull

We just got back yesterday from Palm Springs. We stayed at the Agua Caliente and then had a drive around the town before heading back to the OC. At the time of our little tour I was doing the typical "sight seeing" and not until this morning did I realize I hadn't seen a single dog there; weird.

Anyway; once home I got the official attack welcome home routine. Mr. Praying Mantis comes at me as I turn to protect my eyes. When I've been gone for a day he knows it and my greeting is a full force one. As I turn to protect my eyes from his out stretched arms; he grabs my hair from the back. This is all caused by sheer excitement which he is just now learning to control at 8.5 years of age, believe it or not.

Tilley and Jessie were both at their extreme limits of excitement as well. Tilley was flashing a toothy smile and Jessie was charging around with a toy in her mouth. This big display only lasted a minute and then everyone was settled that we were home. But then the rest of the day I was shadowed by the three of them.

It's raining here this weekend; raining really hard. So there will be no run this morning. Thankfully I got them all out for some great exercise on Thursday before the rains hit. It's really dark and gloomy out; but definitely a welcome change in the weather. As most of you know I hate the heat; it is just not conducive to canine activities.

Right now everyone is very happy and curled up in bed with me. The girls have already enjoyed some dried cranberries and fresh blueberries which I shared from my cereal bowl. Luke wouldn't thank me for any fruit but had his Liver Biscotti; a treat that he has never to this day turned down. And that my canine friends is quite an amazing status that Liver Biscotti alone has accomplished.

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