Superbowl Sunday

We had a nice weekend, today we took all three dogs down to Heisler Park, in Laguna Beach. We took the Toll road down to Laguna Canyon rd and down to the PCH. About 2 minutes before hitting the PCH (Pactific Coast Hwy) Luke starts his whining. He has known for sometime that we are going to the beach. He can smell it.

On the odd day when we are having west winds you can even smell the beach at my house. So it's not hard as we near the beach for him and the girls to know where we are headed. Once parked he whines louder and near screams once the back hatch is lifted. The coast was covered in a heavy fog marine layer this morning. It was completely clear until we got right down to the beach.

The dogs love the beach and I truly wish I could let them rip but apparently the leash laws are pretty strict and many have told me about their "tickets." Over 300.00 a dog; mighty hefty if you ask me. So we abide by the law and keep everyone tethered.

After the beach we hit Yogurtland only minutes from our house. It is our new Hotspot and the dogs are only too happy to share. We picked up and drove the short distance home where we all enjoyed our snack. The dogs love frozen yogurt and get it on a regular basis, sometimes it is a flavor but most of the time it is plain. They aren't huge on the plain but they eat it.

Today's flavor was Taro; a new flavor that I just discovered which is amazing. It sort of tastes like coconut and vanilla and is light purple in color. The dogs shared a very small portion with some berries. Luke is not a big berry eater so I usually hide them in his food.
But the girls like berries and Tilley has taken a real liking to dried cranberries lately.

Once everyone had the sand brushed out of their coats it was Superbowl time, three tired dogs and more snacks to prepare.

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