Tuesday shelter and rescue group ponderings

Good morning; I got a nice call yesterday while I was out running around. Several days before I had been surfing around on local shelter sites and spotted a cocker in one. I don't like when dogs sit in shelters so when I can I contact the appropriate rescue groups. The lady from the rescue was sending someone to get the dog and wanted to thank me for the call. We talked a bit and she said that this shelter was pretty good about calling them when they got a dog in. My experience was very different.

I use to volunteer at this particular shelter and no they did not call rescue groups. And when I went ahead and called I was scolded like a little kid who'd been bad at school. They were not appreciative of my call and were very annoyed that I had gone ahead and called on my own, it really through me actually. After that I was kinda of scape goat and whenever a rescue group called about a dog at the shelter; all eyes turned to me, yes Sherri the rebel. It wasn't long after when I left the facility for good.

As I have said many times before; there are all kinds of rescue groups, most are wonderful but not all. But I consider a rescue or foster home to be a far better place for a dog than a shelter. Shelters serve their purpose but it is a bad place for a dog to be. Being at a shelter can make good dogs into bad and bad dogs into monsters. That or a dog can completely shut down; so if we can pull them let's do it.

Most shelters are state or city run; rescues are mostly run by people who love dogs, big difference. There are some wonderful people who work at shelters; people who love dogs as well and do an amazing job. But, a shelter is still not the best place for a dog. I can't even imagine how my dogs would act if they ended up in a shelter. And perhaps someday there will no longer be a need for them.

But for now they are here for a reason and will be until Puppy Mills, pet stores and Internet sales of puppies stop. So for now I will continue to make the calls and get as many dogs out of jail that I can!!!!!!

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  1. Thank you for helping the rescues find the dogs that really need them.
    I volunteer for the Chihuahua and Small dog Rescue of Colorado and I have to say that most of our little ones are totally different when they get to their foster homes.
    The shy ones are much more bold. The "aggressive" ones are much more friendly.
    I encourage people to get dogs from rescues instead of shelters so they will know what type of dog they are truly getting. Plus then the rescues can get more dogs from the shelters...and everyone wins!


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