Good Thursday morning, I am not yet use to this time change but hopefully soon. Isn't it amazing how one hour can throw you off? Weird. It is overcast here and the sun is trying its hardest to rise, there is a slight threat of rain in the air but I'm hoping if it is going to rain it does it this morning. I have a shoot this evening, a sunset shoot and I love those.

I'll be working on my new website today. It's a ton of work to switch from one to another and move all the info, create new material and fetch photos. So I will be on my computer for the bulk of the day. I am going to take Jessie for a big walk, the poodles will be resting from their day yesterday in the canyon. We spent a good hour walking with a couple of other great standards and both Luke and Tilley were really tired lastnight. Tilley needs the day off from a walk like that.

It is looking and sounding very much like spring, the birds are really loud this morning. I never mind hearing birds early in the morning, seems hard to be in a bad mood when the sound of chirping wakes you. The trees beside my balcony have really grown so I plan on putting some feeders out there, both seed and hummingbird. Tilley loves when the birds come and she literally burns a hole in the grass. I have to move the feeders constantly. She sits beneath the feeder and waits, this only works if the sun is out because she is waiting for the shadow. She could care a less about the actual bird, only that it create a shadow for her.

Luke on the other hand loves to chase birds and will occasionally charge outside sounding very much like a grizzle bear, after a tiny sparrow type bird. Hey when there is nothing else to chase, a bird will do. Jessie like to chase them sometimes as well and in her younger years she chased, caught and ate one in midair. That's right, she was been dive bombed by a bird and she dove up and grabbed it. When my husband yelled for her to drop it, she swallowed. I'm thinking it was a swallow that she swallowed.

She could not do that today at nearly 13 but she is not beneath trying. Not that long ago she grabbed a little hamster type creature that they have here in California and swallowed it whole. Mmmmmm, have a good breakfast. :)

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