I got mine

I certainly got my exercise today. I was up at the crack of dawn and at the gym; home by 7:30 to take Jessie out for her big walk. Back from that to take the poodles out for their big walk/retrieve time. I haven't been throwing a ball or anything for Tilley for a long while. She has always charged after the ball with such enthusiasm that by the time she gets to it and jams on her brakes; her shoulders take quite an impact. So being that she is getting up there in age I haven't been tossing.

But today I thought I'd give it a whirl for her again and I was correct; her take off and follow through is much slower so she doesn't get near the impact at the end. She just sort of trotted over and picked up the ball. She didn't even bring it back the first time which totally blew me away. She sort of jumped around pretending she didn't know where it was and then dove on it.

She had about 1/2 a dozen tosses and that was more than enough; "quit while you're ahead." Then it was Luke's turn, he often doesn't bring the ball back at first. He gets distracted what with all the plants and trees to pee on, a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do. So there I stand waiting for his return; and inevitably he returns without the ball. Yep, I go and retrieve the ball and try again. This time he brings it back nice and fast and he's gone like a shot before I have a chance to throw the ball again.

Luke has always been out infront of the ball and thank goodness I have a chuck it. I could never throw it near the distance without it, infact I can't throw worth a darn. So I fling the ball out of the chuck it and right down infront of Luke, oh about 20 feet ahead of him. I can tell when he sees it over his head, those giant ears of his pop up. He loves a good retrieve game and turns off easily when it's done; Tilley not so much. She hangs around the last place she saw the ball hoping that by some miracle it will appear and toss itself into the air, not likely. But you never know.

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