Sunday morning

It's pouring, weird. I love the rain and I believe the dogs love the rain as well, if they can stay inside that is. At the moment it is very dark and coming down likes cats and dogs as they say. It is very peaceful and none of the sleeping canines are even flinching. There is something to be said for a good downpour, it will green the grass and plants up and wash away layers of smog residue that lingers on everything.

But there will be no walk down in the canyon this morning, the rain turns the canyon into a mucky mess which unless you are in the mood for an hour of foot washing, not a good idea. So today we may take a stroll at the park, if the rain let's up that is. It's a good day for cooking which I will be doing for human and canine alike.

The dogs need some general maintenance, nail cutting, ear plucking etc. I wanted to give everyone a bath but if it's not sunny out I'll skip that until another day. I like the assistance of the sun in drying the dogs quick and easy, no sense fighting Mother Nature, why not let her help?

I've been working a ton on my new website getting as much info on it as I can. If anyone has a great canine related product out there, let me know and I'll run it past my canines.

The rain is once again coming down in buckets, have a great rest of the weekend everyone.

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