Wow, this time change is really messing me up. I felt as though I was running behind all day yesterday with each look at the clock. I was shocked everytime I checked the time and felt like I had to rush to keep up. I hate this time change. I'm well into my poodle book now and loving it. And speaking of poodles, Luke got a haircut yesterday. He was very good about it even by the end he was still being fairly patient. The only thing he really hates about being groomed is his feet, he absolutely hates it and tries to keep them away from me at all cost. But I've learned a few tricks over the years so although I give him a quickie, he still gets them done. I purchased a great grooming shirt at the big Expo several weeks ago which works great. I no longer deal with hair in all my clothes even after washing. It actually keeps the hair on the outside and stays on the shirt. Once off I give it a shake and fold it up for next time. Although I'm not a groomer I do enjoy it on occasion. Typically I enjoy grooming when I have the time, if I'm in a rush they get the utility clip deluxe. Then when I have the time the get the fancier version. They still do not have any poofs on them but I am able to take the time and leave them a bit of coat length. It isn't often these days that I have the time to fuss over grooming but it is sort of relaxing when I can. I would put it in the same category as bonsai pruning or gardening. I have set up quite a few poodle shoots this week, can't wait.

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  1. I wish the grass looked that nice here! its all brown and icky


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