Busy weekend

Whoa, where'd the weekend go? It's late Sunday night and I cannot believe it's over already. The weather was great so the dogs got out alot to exercise. Luke went for a huge run yesterday morning and the old gals went out with me. Tilley actually had a spring in her step which was really nice to see and she jumped out of the car on her own before I could get a hold of her. I've been using glucosamine/condroitin and shark cartilage in her food and it seems to be doing the trick.

Then after their morning romps they had breakfast and it was our turn. We went for a huge off road and hiking adventure which was great. There was to be quite a bit of poison oak so the first time we visited the falls I wanted to be sure it was an okay place for the dogs. Luke and maybe Jessie can join us next time but Tilley will stay home, it was alot of walking over rocks and climbing that would be too much for her. While we were at the falls at Holly Jim's we saw a couple of dogs. One was a very athletic young Ridgeback (although he happened to be ridgeless) and another a very old and fat beagle who would have been better left at home I think.

One reason I was leery to bring the dogs was the fact that they might get poison oak on their feet and then jump on me. Back home in Canada, every summer at the cottage I got a case of poison ivy with each year worse than the one before. The year we left to come here I was covered with a severe case of it. The dogs use to pick it up in the woods around the cottage and then share their lovely poison with me. I got it everywhere because they regularly jumped on me when I would come out of the cottage first thing in the morning. So I am extremely sensitive to these type things and I am not interested in acquiring anymore thank you very much.

Today my hubby took both poodles on a walk and said that he too saw a difference in Tilley, very nice.

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