No sleep and getting out

We had a rough night lastnight, I am once again exhausted. Luke was up several times, he had a weird stomach yesterday as he does often and needed to rush outside 3 times during the night. He is such a good boy about letting us know he needs out; he propels himself up onto the bed and dives off again in such a manner that there is no possible way you won't know that he needs out. I don't mind getting up with him; what I do mind is that I can't fall back asleep. Once you start thinking about stuff you're sunk.

So this morning he is sound asleep dreaming on the end of the bed and his breakfast will be chicken, pumpkin and rice which hopefully he will eat. Whenever the dogs have an upset stomach for some reason it is very easy to fix; often the solution is to skip a meal; that's easy with Luke but he does not have enough meat on him to do this very often so we'll try a bit of breakfast.

Yesterday I had the dogs at a beautiful park where I take them to often. The weather was perfect, cool, sunny and breezy, it was actually amazing for walking the dogs. When we got to the park there was just one other person there without a dog, nice. So I strategically placed us on the opposite side; the park has a path all the way around in a circle so with us on one side I let the dogs off leash. They did their whole walk off leash and it was great. Luke charged up ahead as he always does and Tilley trotted behind at a nice pace.

When I first let the dogs off leash they both charge off and around a corner, this is where the rabbits hang out and the dogs know it. They always come back once all the rabbits have dove for cover and we proceed around the park. This is my thinking time; and yesterday I was thinking about the importance of getting the dogs out. Even as seniors they need to get out of the house; not always for physical exercise but for mental. Dogs go stir crazy just like we do if we are in the house too long. Dogs love to explore new places and finding areas that you enjoy and your dog enjoy is very important.

When you take the time to find new places to enjoy; the experience is really good for your dog. There are new smells, sights and sounds to take in. Dogs these days lead a pretty boring life, they spend most of their time just at home not doing a whole lot. So if you get them out each day for a walk somewhere; and not always the same old park it gives them the opportunity to grow. Not all walks need to be a exercise extravaganza; sometimes just taking in all the new around them is exhausting and wonderful.

No matter where I take my dogs everyday; when we get back home they are much more content with spending the rest of the day lazing around the house. So get out with your dog and experience some life; it'll do you both good.

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