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With Earth day just yesterday I want to discuss a few green things that pertain to dogs. First the "hot topic" of the day; topical flea and tick treatments. The EPA has just come out with a warning that they think that just maybe the topical flea and tick treatments for pets might not be too healthy.................ya think? I have used these treatments on my dogs; years ago before I thought about this stuff quite as much, and I regret using them.

I honestly don't know how the people who come up with this stuff and promote it sleep at night. "Push the chems people," I can just hear the weekly meeting. "Come up with some scarey looking flea and tick characters for our promos." And the flea and tick treatments that you give internally? Don't even go there. Yes fleas suck, but the fact is they are pretty easy to get rid of by bathing your dog regularly. Plain ole shampoo and water drowns the little suckers. Make sure that you vacuum regularly, especially where your dog sleeps.

I guess it was all the dogs falling ill and or dying that tipped them off that these products may not be so pet friendly. When the directions say not to let children touch the application sight, chances are we shouldn't be doses our dogs with it. But don't stop there with your new healthy thinking, you need to think about the "heartworm" pill that your dog gets and the new vaccines that are coming out apparently to protect our dogs from beasties.

Now let's talk poop; there is literally mountains of it yes? And far too many people are picking it up in plastic bags. Remember the whole get rid of plastic grocery bag issue? Let's not use them all for picking up poop. Don't purchase plastic poop bags. There are many companies that now make biodegradable bags, purchase some. I have found a wonderful supplier for biodegradeable poop bags which does not cost an arm and a leg to buy. I've order twice from this company and give them a four paws up. Unfortunately if something is expensive the product is not likely to catch on.

The focus is on our carbon footprint these days, take the time to consider the carbon pawprint as well.

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