To the dogs in our life

Spring brings with it new life; as with every season there is a beginning and an end. This blog is dedicated to the many dogs that have touched many of my friends. It is not easy to let go; there is no choice. Loving a dog is a gift; and in the end a difficult one.

The excitement level is high; everyone is on cloud nine with the new addition to the family, a puppy. How much fun is it to have a new puppy? No matter what breed or mix they are adorable, never met one that wasn't. But in the blink of an eye they are a puppy no more. You look at your dog and there stands a wonderfully mature adult where a puppy had stood not so long ago. How does time pass us by so quickly?

Sitting on the floor craddling perhaps the love of your life, your heart dog, the end is near. From the adorable fluffy bundle that tried your patience at the best of times, to a wonderfully well mannered adult, now a senior near the end. In what seems to be the a heart beat, the end is near.

If our dogs teach us anything; it is to live life to the fullest. Take everyday and do with it what you choose. There is no time to dwell on the negative, always move onto the positive. Keep positive people around you and do what makes you happy. Live the life you want to live; and take joy in the small things. The smallest things in life can be the best; just ask a dog.

There's alot to be said for the little things. A lizard running across the yard is a very exhilarating event, finally getting that one cookie you've been hoping for, sitting on the beach watching the sunset, a long walk in the park, sleeping soundly on your very own bed, someone to play tug o war with and someone to just sit with.

A dog comes into our life and alters it; they teach us to be patient, kind and sharing. Our time with them is a short one; cherish the moments, the small moments that make up the big picture. Now go hug your dog.

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