A dog by my side

Is there anything more relaxing than having your dog at your side when you are relaxing? Well there maybe but not alot of other things can fit this bill. When your shadow dog lays down at your side wherever you hang your hat; it speaks volumes. There is a sense of peace, tranquility and sheer honesty that is conveyed by simply laying by your side. As I write this blog I again have three by my side, Luke between my legs; my left leg is falling asleep. Tilley is on the pillow that fell off of the lounge beside me and Jessie at the end where her little nugget sized body can fit.

We aren't or weren't doing anything, just sitting watching the birds at the feeder and listening to my new Randy Travis greatest hits cd, nice. We all fit nicely under the shade of the umbrella and the breeze is cool with just enough wind to put you into a sense that it is naptime. I fell asleep in this same spot yesterday; my arm wrapped around Tilley; listening to her deep breathing was enough and I was gone. It was a short time after that I had a wake up poke on my feet; Luke standing wagging at me waiting for an invite up. Instead I got up and started dinner for all.

Sometimes just chill'n is what everyone needs. Just sitting with your dog can be the best place on earth.

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