May 16th

It's my B-day today; and what could be better than waking up to a Mimosa and three dogs snuggled in beside me? Not much. I share this day with a twin brother; yep he's a whopper at 6' and me all of 5' 1", no we are not identical. I've always shared my b-day from the day I was born and even now as my hubbies b-day is tomorrow. Pretty quiet day planned, some gardening which I thrive on; and I love when the dogs follow me around to each garden. Luke likes to help; Tilley is a watcher and Jessie does not do garden following. Jessie was very sick Thurday afternoon and throughout the night. She was vomiting bigtime and just felt really sick.

Dogs do not typically display their emotions when they are not well; it is a big mistake because being "not quite right" can get you attacked and taken out by the pack. Not that this would happen here but it is an ingrained hidden behavior. You could tell just by looking at her that she was feeling awful; I haven't a clue what she got into, she spent most of the day with me but it might have just been one wrong tiny thing she picked up and that was it.

So yesterday I spent a good part of the day washing dog beds, at least she hit all dog beds and not the carpet. She makes no attempt to make it outside and simply hurls it wherever she happens to be; lovely. But by late morning she was better and when we got home from grocery shopping she was charging through the house like a tiny little horse once again. With dogs it seems to be never ending; like with children and I wouldn't trade a second of it.

Luke has just head out for his big run and I must get out of bed and take the old ladies for their walk before it heats up. Have a great weekend everyone.

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