Wow, I actually did miss yesterday; I was busy and so busy that I thought I had blogged but didn't, sorry folks. So anyway this is Mother's Day weekend; I thought I'd blog about Mom's. The definition of Mother is: something or someone that gives rise to or exercises protecting care over something else; origin or source. There are alot of definitions but I like this one the best. How often are we as dog lovers referred to as Mom. We aren't truly our dog's Mother and most of us know that but we act as a Mother.

A Mother to me is one who cares for, defends, teaches and above all is maternal over. My dogs know me as Mommy; it is how I am addressed to them and they know that. If someone asks them "where's Mommy?" They will seek me out. During the years that I did group training I referred to all my clients as either Mom or Dad. Heck; I had alot of clients and although I could remember every dog name I could not file away and recall the human names so for ease sake they were all Mom or Dad. Often the Dad's would baulk at this title until they got use to me.

Mother's are a fierce creature typically; you never mess with a Mother's child be it human or otherwise. There is no more protective status on the planet than a mother. It is a great feeling caring for others; and although my dogs and children are well grown I still love to care for them all.

Almost all mothers will defend their offspring with their life. Even the most gentle of dogs will turn into demon dog if you mess with her pups. You just do not consider coming between a Mother and her pups, cubs, kids, joey or children.
As I awoke this morning and enjoyed my coffee in bed; the above images show my view. There isn;t a better one at this point in my life and I am very happy being Mom to these three. I am at my happiest when I have all dogs and children under my roof; and no matter how old they all get I am still Mom.

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