Saturday morning

Good morning; it is Memorial weekend and I attended my daughters graduation walk from SDSU yesterday; a very proud moment. The weather was amazing and it was a very full day. Today the girls will be heading for fun in Vegas. My weekend will a nice quiet one for us, and one of the first things on the list is bed shopping. I have long said that the dogs are no longer aloud on the furniture and the above photo explain why, digging.

Luke is a digger, always has been. He doesn't dig in the yard, not that kind of digging he digs for comfort. He is constantly trying to fluff. This mess in the photo was a bed awaiting its cover. I had washed the bed cover because Jessie threw up on it and this is what happend, ruined. I don't even know when he did it; I just looked over while watching tv and there it is staring at me.

Luke knows that he is not allowed to dig, he gets in trouble everytime. He even dug the wood floor the other day and the tile floor in the kitchen. I wonder if this is a result of being outdoors alot with his litter. There were alot of holes in the backyard; maybe Mom was a digger and show the pups how to get comfort. Well however he became a digger, I am off once again to buy beds. Not that I mind, it is one of my favorite things to purchase.

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