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Luke got a haircut yesterday; and he is none too happy about it. He doesn't mind the actual act of being groomed, it is the after effects that he really hates. Lukes coat is not a great poodle coat as to standard; it is pretty loose and by the time you get down to his legs they are very fluffy; having no substance. His legs are hard to scissor because they are so whispy. Although up around his neck his coat is perfection, thick, dense and curly. When he is in full coat he is heaven on earth to hold, his amazing blonde light curls are what you would love to snuggle with. So, when it's gone he is cranky.

I knew we would have a bed guest lastnight because he was missing his coat. It was sometime in the middle of the night; he must of lost the blanket I covered him in before bed and needed to snuggle. Barely awake I was covering him up and realized that my husband was doing the samething; poor dog he barely gets any attention. All snuggled under the down comforter he fell quickly into a deep sleep and is still there now. Although he misses his coat at night he will be very happy on our run not to be overheating today.

I bought this yesterday for Tilley. Several people have told me about it so I thought I'd give it a try. At 12 Tilley is showing signs of arthritis or at least some leg issues. They just seem to be weakening, it takes her longer to get up and when she comes down the stairs she sort of sounds like she is half falling down the stairs. And I have already discussed the speed of her walking now. The shark cartilage and glucosomine have not seemed to do a whole lot so I'll try this Liquid 5000. I will keep you all updated to its effects which I'm hoping are great.

Tilley has been spending alot of time outdoors lately; she is constantly in and out the dog door. Yesterday I saw her rolling around the grass and then soaking up the sun she lay and fell asleep on the lawn. I love to see her enjoying herself like this. She is so relaxed, her movements are slow as she flops around like a fish out of water; she is scratching her back. She does this for a while and the just lays there upside down in the sun. These are the moments that remind me to enjoy the little things in life.

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