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Good Friday morning; same ole here, overcast. Gotta love June gloom in Southern California. I wanted to disguss canine products this morning. I love a great dog product but I am not a big consumer of tons of dog stuff. The things I do like are the necessity type things; leashes, collars, bowls, beds and pretty much anything else that will make my life living with dogs easier. But a whole lot of the stuff out there today is crap; useless to throw your money at.

It is not often that I venture into a big box petstore; I much prefer to support the small specialty ones who care. The guys who carry the "good stuff" not the products that Walmart carries. And surprisingly enough there are alot of little guys out there and doing really great; they have a very big fan base. I love learning about new great places to buy very cool dog stuff.

I have been to so many Pet expo type shows where I walk aimlessly down the isles shrugging; who buys all this stuff? But every once in a while I will come by something that triggers my "hmmmmm, this might be good" sense. This is why I have a box full of harnesses, both body and face, collars and leashes in my garage. And the ones I use on a daily basis? These. I started using these leashes at the age of 13 when I was training and have stuck with them. I like the 5/8" width and 6-8'length. Plain and simple.

Infact I have a new section on my website where both my dogs and "official" test dogs are testing and reviewing canine products. I reserve the right not to test and review any product which I think not good for dogs. There are alot of things out there that have become a staple in many guardian shopping carts that I feel very strongly against. And I cannot stand when a product uses catchy marketing terms to make you think that you are giving your dog a great product; words like green, natural or fresh.

We have a good panel of testers at Just dogs with Sherri, just my dogs alone offer a huge varied personality of likes, dislikes and different destructive levels. We can give a product a great test but we also added a nice big ole Labrador and a little one. You can read about the others and my guys here.

So I hope to get some cool items in for testing and we will weed through the good and bad.

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