Bones, sinew and cartilage

Luke having a chew, color was off for this which is perhaps a good thing. Not quite so graphic. Enjoy!!

It's bone day so that means I'm grounded for the time being. I always supervise the bone chewing and typically I bake (I can see the entire yard from the kitchen). Unfortunately this morning I'm out of eggs; so I'm blogging and then I'll do some gardening. These bones are different, they consist of tough grissle, sinew or tendons, cartilage and bone. Mmmmmmmm sounds yummy doesn't it? The dogs all need some teeth cleaning so this is the easiest way to accomplish that.

But there can be tension in the air when the bones come out; Jessie is a diehard guarder and through the virtue of my bigger brain I can outwit her over this issue. But if any of the dogs happen to approach she will defend her bone with every inch of her 12 3/4" body. Luke isn't hugely guarding, he might throw a few glances at Jessie every so often to seem as tough as she is and Tilley, well Tilley is on the otherside of the yard in the shade and not giving a care about anyone else.

Mmmmm from all the cruching going on there should be some mighty pearly whites pretty soon.

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