Car manners

One thing I demand of my dogs is manners; sometimes I want very mannerly dogs, other times I'm not as fussy about it. For the car I demand manners; it can be dangerous if you don't have a controlled situation when in the car or going in or out of the car. All dogs are different so what is a piece of cake for one can be very tough for another. Like my Luke and Tilley.

Tilley is almost always mannerly; she patiently waits until she is asked for everything including the car. Now at 12 she needs to be hoisted in and accepts this. Then there is Luke; not so patient; Luke get's over excited. Anything he loves is something to get overly excited about So the car is one thing and he typically whines out the door until he is in the car. Before we leave the house he must have his harness grabbed onto or he is like a rocket. He'll knock anything in his path down; hence needing control.

He has to wait until he is given the word; the "o" word that let's him know he can leap like a gazzel into the car. Patient he is not but he complies. Once he is in he paces like a maniac stomping over the girls. He is allowed to jump in and can still easily do this so I let him. Once I get in the car he calms until we near our destination and again he must keep his composure. Depending on the level of fun will determine the shrieking level until he gets out of the car.

He must wait again until I give the "o" (okay) word. This is one of the most important things I've taught my dogs. They should never be allowed to just fly out as soon as the door is open. This is a behavior I see regularly and one that is worth the time spent to stop. It could save your dog's life and perhaps your sanity.

Have a great Thursday :)

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