Exercising the dog

How much exercise is enough and is there an amount of exercise for our dogs that is too much? I often see people at the dog park who tell me that they come for 2 hours a day. But they also say that their dog seems to need more and more exercise all the time. Makes sense doesn't it? The more your dog becomes accustom to a certain amount of exercise the more they need to tucker them out. Not all exercise needs to come in the form of all out pelting; mental exercise can really baff a dog.

I believe all dogs need to go for a run everyday; an off leash run. But, that could be a 30 min good run or a 20 full out speed run. Then they need to cool down and relax. Teaching a dog to chill can be as important if not more important than a marathon run. I like when dogs know when to turn it on, and turn it off. For many this means teaching them how to chill. Obedience is a wonderful exercise if done in a positive manner. But even for some obedience can be overstimulating so you have to watch for those signs of excitement.

Entertaining a brain is just as important as entertaining a body. When you do go for a walk; switch it up, don't do the same ole walk day in and day out. Dogs love new scents to smell, new ground to conquer and a whole new bunch of messages to read on their walks. Dogs can become very annoying if their routine becomes well.............routine. Often when dogs are brought to a certain field or park and let off to run wild; they cannot be controlled by their guardian. This is a common complaint; so to minimize this issue make sure no matter where you go or what you are doing; there are rules to follow and don't forget to mix it up.

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