Finding the right groomer

Finding the right groomer for you and your dog can be a task. There are lots of things to consider; one of the first is that you should use referrals. Others who use a certain groomer and really like them is invaluable. Otherwise how can you know? Second; is the grooming shop clean? Do they take the dogs out to relieve themselves? Are they friendly with the other groomers and with you? Of course not all friendly people are great with dogs but if you don't like the person how can you leave your dog with them?

How long do you have to leave your dog at the facility? All day is a long day for a dog. I like the ones that make an appointment and although they might run over or under a bit your dog doesn't have to stay all day. What about the mobile groomers; this is great that they come to your door, get the job done and they are gone. Again get a recommedation from others who love their groomer. Afterall if you have a dog that is going to be getting groomed alot; that is alot of time spent with this person.

Does the groomer listen? I don't know how many people I've heard tell me that they thought their groomer knew what they wanted but when they picked up their dog they were shocked. The dog was not groomed anything like they had discussed. Make sure you have a good line of communication with your groomer. Do they use cage dryers? I am not a fan of these because I know of several dogs who have died from them. There are people who use them safely but I much prefer a handheld and time spent with the dog out of a cage than cage dryers.

Pay close attention to your dogs behavior after you pick them up from a groomer. Do they seem okay or upset? Check them over with a fine tooth comb; watch for any razor burn, nicks or cuts. With some research and networking you can find one of the great groomers out there.

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