I got a beef

Or should I say barbeque? Which is what the poor dogs being walked in this heat are doing, cooking. It truly makes me crazy when people walk their dog when the temperatures are super high like today. On the way home from Laguna Beach yesterday where I could barely stand the heat right on the beach I saw a couple walking their Rottweiller down the street. The dogs tongue was hanging out the side of it's mouth and it was panting far too heavily; I was so close to pulling over and doing some educating.

If for some odd reason you have the desire to take a nice walk in 90 degree weather, fine. Leave your dog at home and walk them in the morning when it is cool. Did you know that the sidewalk can easily be 10 degrees hotter than the air and the darker the ground the higher the temperature. If you walk your dog in high temperatures; not only are they suffering from the heat of the surrounding air but from the much higher temperatures radiating from the ground beneath their feet.

The temperature at 5:00 today was 92, the sidewalk was 10 degrees hotter and the asphhalt was nearly 120 degrees. Please consider as well, the lower to the ground a dog is the more they theses shorties suffer. The darker the dog the more they suffer from the heat. I was once told by a woman that black dogs do not suffer more than white dogs in the sun. Have you ever changed out of a black t-shirt because you are burning up in the sun? Ya, I thought so.

So please, if you want to enjoy the heat wait for the cooler temps to exercise your dog.

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