The idiot vent

This mornings blog is more a vent; so thank you for allowing me to vent. Yesterday morning I took Jessie and Tilley to a school. It is a school near me with a big field and lots of areas to walk. When I got there I was very happy to see that we were alone so I quickly popped the girls out of the car and off we went. It was nice a quiet; you could hear lots of birds as we meandered through the yards. There are rabbits everywhere so the girls have a great time sniffing around and searching for critters.

We had done the whole yard and were in a quiet little grassy area heading back when I heard the telltale sound of charging feet; not a sound I like to hear. I turned to see who was coming; a tall lab mix with his hair on his back from his head to his tail standing erect. At the speed he was coming it was hard to tell exactly what he had in mind. But knowing Jessie I did know that it was not going to be a good interaction. Jessie saw him immediately and got ready to attack. Tilley being Tilley just watched as he approached and then he hit her; it happened very fast.

Jessie was in full attack mode; with me holding her back on her leash as the dog charged in and out. Tilley regained her footing and the dog focues his attention on Jessie, not good. As Jessie was doing her best grizzle bear routine he decided to counter her. I screamed at the dog and he again turned his attention to Tilley which gave me enough time to speed scan for an owner. Ah, legs in the distance so I screamed at him to call his dog. "Zeke," he called and offered a lame ass "sorry." The kind of sorry that you know has absolutely no emotion behind it; I was fuming.

If you cannot control your dog then DO NOT TAKE IT OFF LEASH. This whole scenario is typical, idiot owner, idiot dog. The dog had meant no real harm, it was however over stimulated which lead to obnoxious bully behaviors. This behavior was obviously fine with the owner; as he saw nothing wrong in what his dog had done. No he had not hurt my dogs although Tilley may have been hurt by being slammed into by the idiot; not everyone appreciates being mauled by a big slobbering and slightly aggressive deliquent. This is not acceptable in our world, nor is it acceptable in the world of dogs. Had Luke been with us the story would have turned out far different.

I have an easily triggered adrenaline rush which was indeed triggered by this whole scene. I am a very protective Mom and the idea that one of my old girls could be injured just brings out the Grizzle bear in me as well. With our nice Saturday morning walk now ruined I tried to get rid of the adrenaline that had coursed through me and focused on having a good rest of the walk so the girls would not have a negative association to this school. It is so important to finish on a high note; you must always consider this when something negative happens. I grumbled some choice words about the idiot with the dog and then headed home. This black beast put in the hands of someone else would probably have been a wonderful dog; idiot.


  1. Hi Sherri,

    I fully understand that adreneline rush you describe...not fun. I am glad your guys weren't hurt. People are stupid sometimes, no doubt about it!

    Friends of ours had thier obedience Sheltie off leash doing some training when a year old intact Rottweiller came for him and attacked. Severe injuries on the Sheltie which cost thousands to fix. A lawsuit later on didn't give enough compensation to make it worth the effort.


  2. A friend of mine who lives here just had her springer attacked by a pit mix. He had to have surgery and a drain put in. He charged just like the dog in my blog but charged with kill on his mind.


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