July 4th this and that

Well, it is 3 days since my first Newsletter went out and I'm already working on #2. I really enjoy writing about dogs so a Newsletter is a resonable extension of my blog. If anyone is interested please email me at sherri@justdogswithsherri.com and put newsletter in the subject line.

Today is hot, not too hot until later maybe 3 but then it hit. The air has now been on for several hours and will be off again soon. Luckily we typically get much cooler weather in the evening so we don't die overnight. The dogs are very bothered by the heat now; especially as they age. My house honestly is so quiet during the hot days that no one would even think that we have dogs here. Bring on the cooler evenings and everyone starts to move.

Tonight will be a big one for Tilley, she is fearful of fireworks. She got much better last year because we worked the whole night with her. This meant exposing her to the sounds but not reacting to them. We sat on the balcony with the dogs watching the show, they could not see them as they are too short. They could hear the booming in the distance and with every boom Tilley shook and shuttered. By the end of the evening of our non reacting and the other dogs not reacting she was much improved. This is a great example of how dogs watch us and how we react to things around us.

Tilley is at my side right now, no doubt she has heard the few neigborhood fireworks already. We are heading out for dinner so they will be locked in so to speak until we return. All doors, windows and dog doors will be shutdown. The tv will be on high volume and the air running for extra surround sound.

Have a great on everyone and I'll be back tomorrow.

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