Well the weather man says that this heat is not letting up anytime soon; so it's groom time today. I have been contemplating grooming the poodles for several days but knowing that it will remain hot I'll now get to it. I will start as soon as I am done here. I got a great grooming jacket at a Grooming expo that I went to a while back; it is amazing. For 25 years I have been dealing with the hair issue after grooming. Those little things get in everywhere and even after washing the clothes they are still there; well not anymore. I guess I would have known about these shirt/jacket type things had I been a professional groomer but I'm not so it took a while but I LOVE IT.

Luke will be in a mood for several days once he is clipped down; he really enjoys his coat. It's like an extra blanket under him; very cozy. He doesn't mind so much during the day but in the evening and morning especially he misses it and will not be speaking to anyone for a while. But with the heat, the beach and the environment being so dry everything sticks onto a poodle coat. They are like giant walking velcro, so no more chatting. I must get to it.

Have a great day and try to stay cool.

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  1. Bunny loves her hair also, and was mortified when she was stripped down. She has about 3/4 inch all over now, and seems much happier. I'll try to leave that much at least from now on. We'll see how it goes. Good luck with your grooming session; would love to see the 'after' pictures.



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