Dog tired

Tired Dogs

After todays walk the dogs were very tired. Luke went on his usual hike with Dad; and the old ladies with me. Luke and Dad took off about 20 min. before us and headed to their 3 mile route. We went to a regular park; just the otherside of the hiking route of the boys. We were only 1/4 way around our walking path when I turned to see if Tilley was keeping up; in the distance I could see the boys. Tilley was exceptionally slow today and the boys had done their 3 mile hike and were catching up with us. Tilley knew right away who these guys closing in on us were; you can tell by her ear drop.

Once the dogs had their greeting we headed around the path; the girls still needing their exercise and Luke had needed his much deserved cool down. The walk is enjoyable but slow; Tilley is much slower these days. She is off leash and keeping her own pace; slow. Jessie is on her extension leash giving her the ability to run around and get the extra speed burst she enjoys. By the end of our walk Luke is very thirsty and in need of a good drink; luckily I brought some water just for this. I have a flexible bowl that stays in my car so up he goes for his drink.
Then we head home.

Once home the dogs get a good 45 min. cool down, have a drink with ice and then it's breakfast time. Raw beef, green beans, apple and oatmeal; funny it never seems like I have to force Luke to eat a raw meal. Once everyone is done eating it is crash time. The afternoon was spent in very deep sleep; occasionally Tilley was up and playing but it was fleeting and it was back into their exercise induced coma. Happy dogs.

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