How feeding dogs has changed

Feeding our dogs has changed alright; although there are still many who grab the bag of crappy food and haul it home to their pooches. But I must say that there are so many people feeding really good stuff to their dogs now that it is inspiring. I recently found a supplier of raw meat for the dogs; he has apparently been coming for a long, long time. There are many people waiting in the parking lot for his drop off; each one talking about what they feed.

Back in the old days; you know before I was born, the way to feed the dog was to give them our scraps. Whatever we didn't want and the kids wouldn't eat the dog got which although it may not be perfectly balanced was a whole lot more nutritional than some of the dog foods out there. Iams and Purina are the heavy hitters out there; and two of the worst foods out there as well. Oh; have you seen Iams new ads on tv? They are boasting about prebiotics (don't know why they can't call them probiotics, will have to look into that.) If you don't dig; really dig into the whole "dog food" subject then there is a good chance that the advertising will work on you.

I know that many people feel that dogs should receive lesser quality than us. There are a few folks out there that don't get the reasoning behind feeding dogs quality. I've dealt with many training clients who desperately wanted to feed real or quality food but their partner was dead set against it. It's that whole "it's just a dog mentality." Well, if you want to have healthy happy dogs and stay out of the vets office as much as possible then you should feed your dog well. There is a ton of information out there about all the recalls; look into it.

Also, if you aren't into feeding real or raw then how about just adding a bit to your dogs food? Look into perhaps the best quality kibble to feed; or maybe the great new freeze dried raw which I use all the time; love it, love it. And a very important part of feeding our dogs is to switch it up, by offering different foods in whatever form their food comes helps to provide a better balance of nutrition.

Have a great day, go eat an organic apple and give you dog a piece.

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