The count down begins; there are only a few weeks between your life as you know it now and your new life with your new puppy. You've done your research, talked to goodness knows how many breeders and found the one. Once you found the one you paid to be one of the many in line for these precious little bundles which may or may not have already been born. Once they are born there is a new excitement in the adventure and the wait begins. Those who have acquired a puppy from an ethical breeder know far too well the what the wait is like.

Some people are lucky and stumble upon a litter that is already ready to go. But for many; the road to adding a new puppy to their home is a long one. There are obstacles that can add or reduce the length of your search. If you are trying to match personalities with other dogs in your existing pack then your search will be much longer. If you are stuck on one color and your breed has a multitude of colors then you'll be a while. If this is a first dog then you will have a much shorter search. But now the question arises; are you ready?

What do you have to do to prepare for your new puppy? Much of it is psychological; resetting your mind to a different station. One where you are the supervisor for several months; checking your watch while you are out and getting back in time for the baby. Listening; always listening for the tiniest little whimper that lets you know it's go time again. Are you ready?

There are things you need to purchase; a crate, toys and lots of them, a new bowl maybe two, leash and collar. You'll need old blankets or towels for the puppy to sleep on and perhaps some paper towels. You will need to decide if you haven't already; what food this new addition will be eating. If you don't have a vet that you really like; you'll have to find one. I suggest going and talking to all the possibilities. Are you a conventional thinker when it comes to medicine or do you lean more to the alternative healing side? These difference are important to consider when choosing a vet.

Oh yes; things are going to be different but as I sit here blogging I am surrounded by three senior dogs. How time flies; it seems like just yesterday that I was bringing my blonde bundle home to meet the girls. My baby is now 9 years old; enjoy the puppy months they are fleeting.


  1. Hey Barbara; this was written thinking about a friend of mine. She is getting a golden puppy in a little over a week.


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