Feeding dogs

You've all seen the big advertisements on the tv. "Your dog will thank you, your dogs coat will glissen." They even make the little kibbles into bone shaped pieces to convince us it is healthy. Well what these big dog food companies are doing is exactly the same thing that all the other big commercial companies are doing; advertising. They are advertising a product as an amazingly nutritious food source for your dogs when in fact "real food," is a much healthier alternative. There are very few actual "dog foods" that I would ever give my dogs and the ones you can buy in the big box stores or grocery stores would not be any of them.

When we are told by veterinarians not to give our dogs anything other than dog food; we obediently comply. I have been told by so many clients; no treats for my dog, the vet said so. I shake my head and over the next few weeks slowly turn over some true nutritional information. The biggest advertised foods Iams and Pedigree are some of the absolute worst foods to feed. Even after the biggest dog food recall ever people are buying this stuff. Do your research; and do your research on sites that look at all different dog foods.

The largest information facts that are smack dab in our faces about what our dogs should eat is the fact that they all are descendants of wolves. All of our dogs; big, small, short and long came from domesticating the wolf. There genes remain the same and their food requirements are the same. When was the last time you watched a documentary on wolves where they were eating kibble? Processing food kills essential nutrients so the best food for dogs is fresh and raw.

No variety is another big "lie" we are told. "Only feed one food, don't mix it up." The truth is far from this statement. Wolves in the wild eat whatever they can sink their teeth into, perhaps a deer one day, a rabbit the next and then a week full of mice if the pick'ns are slim. Can you imagine someone making you eat a big bowl of dry cereal day in and day out; the same cereal at that? I know lots of people who don't even like to eat leftovers because it is what they ate yesterday.

There is a plethora of information on feeding canines on the internet; how to's and how not to's. Before you pour that dry stuff into your dogs bowl; do some reading with your eyes very wide open and do not go blindly down the path that the big commercial dog food companies have laid for you.

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