Pick'n it up

Most of us do it; and most of us have seen those who don't. And if you are like me you have probably glared at those who don't. Don't pick up poop that is; life with dogs involves picking up poop, fact. How you pick it up is a personal thing but YOU MUST pick it up. There are two areas where you need to pick it up; at home and away from home. Some people have different ways of picking up at home versus away. Many use the pooper scooper for home; I use to use one but find here in SoCal that it tends to attract far too many flies so I pick up using bags both at home and away.

I bought hundreds of biodegradeable bags for this purpose; I do not want to add to the whole "plastic bags" issue. When I pick up at home I tend to pack more in one bag; scouring the yard I try to get it all in. But there is a factor when you know that it is no longer safe to try to get more in. That is when you chance the poop on the hand and must weigh the risks of going for it or going and getting another bag. Many people find picking up poop in a bag to be gag causing; if you've got a weak stomach then the possibility is definitely there.

When I am out I'm more a one per bag type; even though once the dogs get started it seems to be a chain reaction and we have three within minutes to pick up. Once picked up you then have the "carry" issue. Carrying Jessie's poop is a non issue; it is small and compact, almost like there is nothing in the bag. But the poodles on the other hand is far more to handle and you pretty much want to get rid of it asap. I hate having more than one hand full when I am walking the dogs; I like a spare hand for the incase issues that might arise.

I have a strong stomach; nothing about dealing with dogs bothers me. At times others will be on the verge but not me. Don't know where I got my stomach of steel but after dealing with my skunk issue years ago, nothing gets to me. Ask me about my skunk story; but only if you have a strong stomach.

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