Puppy days

My husband was going through the garage the other day and found this image. A photo of me and Luke; Luke is 4 mos. old in this photo and looking at it today I see why I fell instantly in love with him. Even so many years later he still melts my heart. I mean look at those eyes and those giant ears. He can be doing nothing; simply laying on the floor with his paw beside his face and I'm sunk.

When I went to see Luke's litter I honestly had no intention of getting one of the puppies. I met him when he was 7 weeks old; the age I would normally do the temperament test. Trying to think back I don't know how Luke would have scored; probably not so great. He was crazy; jumping, jumping and jumping as his brothers and sisters lay quiet all resting. All but Luke.There was just something about his over exhuberance that got me. He definitely liked people; ALOT. And I had never seen such a "pick me" display before. After I left I could not stop thinking about the little butter colored puppy I'd met there. For 5 weeks our meeting muddle my everyday thoughts until an amazing friend intervened and the decision was made.

Luke and I were fate; I'm sure of it. I can't imagine Luke not in my life; it sure makes for excitement. Never a dull moment with my butter.

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