Toys are an extremely important part of living with dogs. They may seem frivolous but don't be mistaken; they are very useful. The more toys and chew items you have for your dog to entertain themselves; the less likely your items are going to be chewed.

Toys are important right from the start; as soon as those little angels open their eyes they should have a plethora or toys to choose from. Big ones, little ones, hard, soft, textured, smooth and noisy. Toys are a great way to get started on environmental stimulus. I have talked to many people who have acquired rescue dogs that don't play. Many of these dogs may have lived an isolated life; they haven't a clue what a toy is or what to do with it, sad. You can still try to teach old dogs new tricks though through sheer enthusiasm. If you are excited; chances are they'll get excited.

Toys help you to interact; they serve a very useful purpose when teaching the drop exercise. They help when teaching a dog to be gentle and they can help you obtain leadership status through "he who owns the toys is the boss." So go ahead and splurge; your dog deserves it. Again I get alot of my toys at the good discount stores. Why pay more for something your dog may very well destroy in minutes?

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