Friday once again

Good Friday morning; the weather is much cooler than it has been in a long while although they are talking about it heating up again, but I'm not listening. I'm a northerner and it's in my blood; back home they are calling for snow showers this weekend, yep. And being that I spent my first 36 years there it is still how my brain functions. Canada celebrates their Thanksgiving this weekend so if you have any Canadian friends wish them a happy Turkey Day.

Yesterday was bath day around here again; contemplating my showering strategies I opted for a quick grab and into the shower with Luke first. I did Luke first to save him the hours of worry he goes through if someone else goes first. As soon as one is in the shower the others know; and Luke spends the moments before his turn fretting running here and there trying to hide. So I used the surprise attack and when he was downstairs and close to the bathroom I just quickly ushered him in. Even still by the time he hit the shower he was quaking in his boots.

Just recently I shaved the poodles so they are nice and short; this makes for a very short bath time, which works well for my back. Someday I'm planning on getting a nice raised stainless tub; ah I can dream. But in the meantime it is in the shower downstairs; which is small but very convenient to the outdoors. Once clean the dogs are quickly sent 5 feet to outside where they get rid of all the excess water. It was nice and warm in the morning yesterday so after they receive their thorough towel dry they air dry in the sun.

It is cute looking out to see all the dog bodies laying soaking up the sun. They were all dry very quickly and the poodles have their adorable tight curl hair; a look I love and will loose if a brush touches them. So needless to say I don't brush unless I have to and when their coat air dries it doesn't mat either which is very nice. No; I do not have high maintenance poodles.

Well; I have a small poodle gathering this morning to get ready for, have a great weekend.

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