On step at a time

I know it's scary; heck I was apprehensive when I started but if you want to attempt it you have to just do it. What you ask? Feeding your dog "real food." It is not "people food" as many will have you believe; what I feed my dogs is simply "real food." I've been feeding real food on and off for years; slowly dropping dog food completely. I now have a nice balance; great variety and a dog food that I keep on hand for those days when I need it. I started out mixing huge amounts of ground beef, rice and veggies adding it to my dog food. I did a vast amount of research which I still continue to do as I try and test many different foods on the dogs.

Over the years I have learned who likes what; what bothers who's stomach and what everyone eats and handles nicely. It has been an evolution and is still in the making. I am dedicated to finding out as much as I can with regards to canine nutrition. There is a whole lot of information out there; and there are huge contradictory sites that will leave your head spinning. The best and most important thing to do is research; go with what your gut tells you.

If possible find a vet that believes in feeding real food. It is not an easy task but they are out there; I have a great one. There are so many ailments that can be cured by simply nutritional supplements and plain old good food. I have two dogs who are walking proof that "real food" is the way to go. Luke who is epileptic rarely seizes now; if he does it usually means we have been exposed to some sort of chemical like fertilizer.

My Jack Russell who is now 13.5 and doing amazing had massive hair loss after she almost lost her life to some weird autoimmune disorder. For years she lost more and more hair which our old vet chalked up to her prednisone use. After being on real food for about 6 months not only was her hair much thicker; all of her bald spots had completely grown in. Now that is proof that I stand behind.

I know that taking the leap to real from processed is a biggy but the toughest step is the first one. If you take that first step the rest are easy and you'll never look back.

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