Running free

Thinking back to my old life; my old house in the country I miss it, I really miss it. One of the things that I miss the most is that I could walk out my back door and off into the woods where I would sit for hours by a stream with the dogs. I always carried a leash with me "in case" but my dogs never wore one. That was along time ago now; these days revolve around trying to find the elusive free field. We live in a leash law world; around every corner there is a canine leash enforcer ready to give you a ticket. On the first "official" day that the dogs could be on the beach here once again; sure enough there he was handing out tickets.

I understand that it takes but one stupid person with their dog who should definitely not be off leash to ruin it for everyone. And I understand if you allow it; then you allow those who should not be off leash, off leash. But come on; give us something, somewhere other than a fenced in overused and overcrowded tiny piece of land to run our dogs free. Here we tend to hit the canyons but then again you risk running into a coyote, rattle snake and even the odd cougar. Also it is so hot and scrubby many months that it's not very enjoyable; especially with my breed who tend to resemble giant velcro.

While I was vacationing in Victoria over the summer we came across a leash free area. It was miles and miles of path running along the edge of the ocean, beautiful. Some dogs were on leash; most were off socializing as they passed one another along their walk. At the time I wished I had my dogs with me so that they could have enjoyed it as much as I savored watching the other dogs on their walk.

Watching dogs run free is not only great for our dogs but good for our core; I could sit and watch dogs run without a care in the world for hours. But alas there is always that nagging feeling you should be looking over your shoulder for the ticket guy. But there are places; you just gotta look long and hard now to find them. But it is most definitely worth the work.

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