Three in the bed

Dogs in your bed? Yep, mine are usually every morning. Both girls can no longer get up into our bed themselves and the ottoman that I bought specifically for that purpose has since been removed. I figured if they can't get up onto the bed on their own they shouldn't be jumping off. But the morning is different; typically we enjoy our coffee and breakfast in bed before my hubby is off to work. So I hoist both Jessie and Tilley up to join us. When it is time to get up they are hoisted back down so as not to break anything.

Having dogs in bed with you is a very controversial subject; I have often asked clients where their dog sleeps when I receive a very sheepish "in our bed." Afraid to fess up some hedge before I pry it out of them. For me; sleeping on the bed is perfectly fine if it is on your terms. There will be NO growling permitted on the bed; "no growling?" Oh I allow it once; just like all growls it is a heads up of how your dog is feeling. And if you receive a growl in bed your dog is feeling like he owns the place. So; the resulting modification will be "out you go."

We own our bed; we bought it, we picked out the sheets and comforter so that means it is ours. If we let our dogs sleep on it with us; it is a privilege and you should consider it to be so. Obviously the bed is the primo sleeping position; that is where the leader sleeps, me. Our dogs join us in the morning; they share our breakfast but they are very mannerly about it, anything other than good behavior will be grounds for dismissal. Even our food fiend Jessie; who is literally vibrating from head to toe in food anticipation is patient, she doesn't have a choice.

I don't know how many times I've asked clients if they can push or get their dog off the bed easily and they tell me "OH no; he doesn't like to be moved when he's on the bed." Hmmmm; what's wrong with this picture? Like I said; the bed is yours; not your dogs and as much as I love a good snuggle in bed with my guys allowing growling in bed is a clear sign that things are not as they should be. If you have a dog that is climbing the status ladder then a nice comfy bed on the floor is in order. And if you must have them in your bed at some point it is only once you have said so. To put up and even fuel growling in bed is the beginning of your demise.

On a cold night a dog in the bed is a great way to pre-warm your spot so that you don't have to crawl into a cold bed.

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