Are you even kidding?

Obviously I didn't blog this morning; had one of those mornings. I'm planning on blogging #2 in my serious tomorrow but had to say something about what I saw today before hitting the hay. I took the poodles to the park late afternoon today; it was beautiful, breezy and cool. The sun was low in the sky casting long shadows across the park and both Tilley and Luke seemed to be enjoying the cool air along with me. We made our way around several times and then loaded into the xterra and headed home.

Okay this is where the "are you even kidding?" comes in. As I pulled out onto the street and up to the first stop sign I noticed that the guy in the suv in front of me had something or someone hanging out his passenger side window. As I got closer I could see that it was indeed his Wheaton terrier; Soft coated that is. Not only was his dog hanging out the window; it was hanging out the window so far that he was resting both of his front legs over the side mirror. I leaned over as far as I could (while safely stopped at the stop sign) to see if what I thought I was seeing was infact what I was seeing. It was; this dog was clearly up to his waste out the window.
"Are you even kidding?" I said to myself; twice. I was literally dumbfounded; who would not consider that this might not be the safest thing to allow your dog to do? It was clear that this was a regular car ride for the dog; and as his legs slid off the side mirror after stopping at the sign he promptly put them right back. Where do you think that dog is going if the driver has to slam on his brakes? There is no doubt at all that he would be catapulted badly out the window; heck he was more than halfway out already.

This was definitely something that I have not seen before; and hope that I do not see again.

Good night all.

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