The not so dog friendly

Okay; one of my dogs is not so dog friendly. She is by no means a crazed attack dog but it is of the utmost importance to her that everydog know her status. And that status would be the supreme; queen, top dog, alpha and Her Majesty. Today we met another of our poodle group members in the park. My hubby had taken the day off so we were walking together; nice change. We ran into a brown boy from our poodle group and I made the appropriate introductions albeit Jessie who they had previously met. My husband stood back with Jessie while the poodles mingled and we chatted.

At one point both boy poodles were getting sort of silly and started bounding around. Well; that was the last straw and Jessie hurled herself to he end of her leash "that will be enough of the horse play." Jessie simply wants other dogs to know, understand and comply with her status. She really doesn't want to hurt anyone; she simply is one of the bossiest beasts around. She has on occasion come away from a first meeting with a mouth full of hair; of course this really depends on the coat type of the dog who she is meeting. ;)

To know Jack Russells you really must understand what makes them tick. Food and status; that's pretty much it. No; they are not standard poodles, they are terriers and probably one of the finest examples of terrier personality. Jessie is head strong, loveable, devoted beyond belief, tough, bossy and just plain adorable. Now in her 14th year she has softened somewhat; not completely mind you. She still hurls her little body full force at Luke's face if he steps out of line and is more than willing to tackle anyone in the mood for a rumble.

Oh no, you do not mess with a Jack Russell but they are wonderful to share one of the best snuggles ever.

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