What do dogs really need?

My gosh; surfing the web looking for specific dog items is simply mind boggling. There are so many dog products out there on the market; some good, some bad. Mostly they are useless items; very few are "must haves." When you have a dog or dogs there are only a handful of requirements with regards to needs. What does a dog really need; they need shelter, food, water, a collar and leash, a good comfy bed and us. That's it, that's all. All the other stuff that we as the super consumers is meant for our pleasure.

Of course there are the things that we need to care for them. Having poodles and being a "do it yourself" type of gal I require grooming equipment, nail cutters, teeth scraper etc. And there are the items that make our lives with dogs so much simpler; crates, x-pens, bags and blankets etc. But the "us" factor is the most important part of having dogs. Spending time with our dogs and caring for them is hugely important; our dogs need our attention.

If you have a pack of dogs; do they all get their fare share? Making sure that your dog is "good" is important and that covers both physical and mental well being. Lots of dogs have shelter, food and water but they are missing out on the companionship part of life. Dogs left to live their life alone in a backyard; or even within the house, a dog can lead a lonely life.

What do our dogs need most? Our caring attention; our desire to give them a great and happy life. All the fancy collars, beds, clothing and expensive treats will never replace a good old hug.

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