Poodle and Jack shoot day

Good Saturday morning; the weather is suppose to warm up here which I'm not happy about. So because of that the pups will be going out early. I've had my coffee and shared by morning muffin with them so we're nearly ready to head out. I've decided to do some shooting today; Tilley is feeling better so I'll take advantage of three healthy dogs and snap away. We just renovated our garage and at the moment there is nothing in it so I'll shoot in there for fun.

Tilley's wound is healing; slowly but healing. I have to admit I was pretty amazed by the whole bloodroot process. And I have joined a bloodroot group to find out more about it.

I've also started a Just dogs with Sherri Facebook so look me up and join. I will be answering any question you might have and discussing canine behavior and anything else you'd like to talk about concerning dogs. So hope you join; see you there.

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