We'll be walk'n for sure

I'll be walking with the dogs for sure this morning. There are wind warnings and it is suppose to be in the low 60s, nice. The poodles are sporting a fuller coat now as it can get into the 30s at night. The weather is strange here; it can be in the 80s during the day and then drop 50 degrees at night. It is not strange that I have the air on in my car during the day and the heat on in the house at night. So keeping the perfect length of coat on the poodles can be difficult; especially for Tilley as she is dark and heats up quicker than Luke with his blonde curls.

Funny here in Southern California; one of the most common breeds I see is the Siberian Husky. I often wonder how they feel about the scorching temps being that they are a northern breed. If they are born in these warmer temperatures and not a transplant from a colder climate then I am sure that they adapt very well. These type breeds have huge shed times where they shed their thickest insulation coat as the temperatures rise.

This is a wonderful article on how the northern breeds adapt to warm climate.

Any dog can overheat; high levels of activity in very warm temperatures should be avoided for all dogs. They must be allowed to cool themselves; but there is a point that their cooling system may not be able to function. Heat exhaustion can happen in a flash so even though it is winter; the temps will rise in the warm climates like Southern California so take great precaution with all your dogs.

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