End of day 5

It's 10:15 pm Friday; this is the end of Tilley's fifth day with Vestibular disease. Tilley's eyes stopped flashing back and forth on Wednesday night which was a huge relief. She ate food with assistance on Wednesday morning and on her own Wednesday night. Until then I had been syringing diluted baby food into her. Yesterday; day four, I tried not giving her meclizine and she vomited in the morning and didn't eat her breakfast. Several hours after receiving her meclizine she ate and was more steady again. She also drank on her own for the first time yesterday; a sight for sore eyes.

Today she began moving around a bit on her own; she went from one bed to another in the kitchen and seemed to be attempting to get up when I picked her up. When I returned home after a walk with Luke today she wagged; another first in five days. So far Tilley is exhibiting instability, weakness, a head tilt and a left turning navigation that just won't quit. She had two very bad falls yesterday which were very frightening; both for her and I. She is still very apprehensive to take a step and it takes alot of coaxing to get her going.

Tilley had her meclizine this morning but I have not given it to her tonight. She has kept her dinner down and slept the entire evening with her head resting on her Dad. She is on her bed asleep now and her restlessness seems to be subsiding as well. Although her eyes have stopped flashing they are different now. For now we take it day to day and hope for a full recovery in the near future.

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  1. My thoughts are with you and Tilley. I'm with you in hoping for more improvement soon!
    Barbara Friedman


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