Okay; we had a big chew day yesterday. As I have said many many times before I am not a fan of rawhide; BUT Dad went out and got the furkids a treat yesterday. Heck it had been nearly 3 weeks since they had a present so he got them all a nice rawhide. So I gave in and they had a very supervised chew. Just like when they have their chew day; each dog is given one chew and I am there to supervise it all. Luke chose his spot; I chose a spot right beside me for Jessie so I could keep a nice close eye on her and Tilley ran from room to room, inside and out until she felt that she had found a safe place to sit and chew. It took her at least a 1/2 hour to find that spot.

If you are giving rawhide you should look for chews that have been made in either the US or Canada. Try to find the most natural product that you can and chews that are not made up of pieces pressed together. And always always supervise. I know of several dog that choked to death on a rawhide. Also I recommend chewing outside if you have carpets; there tends to be a bit of gum blood involved before the rawhide softens so it will get on the carpet.

They had a great time; I have to say that they sure enjoyed the chewing and these particular rawhides also had dried chicken roled inside for an extra treat. Once they had eaten about a half of the hides then they were removed. Always better to be safe than sorry. Also because this item has such high value; the dogs can become a bit guarding and as far as Jessie is concerned, alot guarding. So that's why I supervise as well. There is no wandering, no sniffing and no approaching anyone else's chew.

The rawhides did their job; we have nice clean teeth and happy dogs.

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