We are back from the vet and sure enough Tilley has Peripheral Vestibular disease. She had her ears checked which looked good so it is most likely not an ear issue which is one of the possibilities. She most likely just fell victim to this; which is most common in old dogs but can happen to young dogs as well. She will hopefully have a complete recovery which can take a week to much longer depending on the disease and the dog. If there is no visible recovery then you must look at other things that can cause this and one is a brain tumor. But we aren't going there; not unless we have to.

So we take it day by day; she got an anti nauseas shot to help her with her appetite. I have a call into my son to pick up some organic baby food as she is not interested in food yet. I'll water it down and syringe a bit into her just to keep her energy level from plummeting.

I missed out on the upper body workout this morning at the gym; but hauling around Miss Tilley at 45 lbs has been a workout I'll tell ya.

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  1. Hi Sherri,

    Good luck with her. We've had it three times over the years, with one 15 year old having it twice within two years. The second time we had to make the painful decision to let her go...Let us know how you fair with Tilley.



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