Don't group the bad with the good

There is a big turn around these days for rescuing dogs. It is wonderful to see so many people rescuing, fostering and adopting second hand dogs. What I don't like is the turn against breeders; all breeders. Many people are uneducated about the whole breeding process grouping the millers and the good breeders into one group. That is a horrible thing to do; there is a huge difference between a good ethical breeder and a miller and never should the two be made as one. Millers are horrible people; they have no concern once so ever for the dogs they breed. They don't care about the people that they are selling dogs to; they care only for themselves and the almighty dollar.

Whereas a good breeder is concerned with health, temperament, happiness of all their dogs and the puppies that they breed. It is difficult to get a puppy from a good breeder; they only want whats best for their dog's offspring and if anything should ever go wrong their puppies are always welcome back home. A good breeder spares no expense when caring for their dogs and do all the extensive research to ensure good genes are passed down to their puppies. These are the people who should be supported for all of their hard work and in no way should they be protested against because they breed dogs.

Many groups these days shun a person for wanting a specific breed or going to a breeder at all. I was at a shelter when I overheard a volunteer telling someone who was looking at the dogs that they didn't deserve a dog. This after hearing that the person was looking for a specific breed. I was appalled by this; how dare this woman tell another that they didn't deserve a dog. There are many wonderful dog loving people who only give the best to their dogs who are purebreds. Just because you rescue a dog does not make you a better dog guardian. No matter what is on the end of your leash, in your bed or on your couch; if you love it, care for it and make it a part of your family then you are a great canine guardian.

"I love dogs." That is a blanket statement; I love the species as a whole from the tiniest to the giants. Whether they are purebred, designer dogs, street dogs, rescued dogs.........whatever, I love dogs. I have often walked into a new training session only to discover that the dog I'm going to be working with over the next 7 weeks is from a Petstore. Should I turn away and not help this person because they bought their dog from a place that I am trying to close down? No; it's not the dogs fault, but what I will do is to gently educate the guardian. Often to my amazement; the person is an innocent victim, they had no idea and vow to never give their money to these places again. If the person did know but purchased from a petstore anyway then my educating is not so gentle.

I spread the word when I can; educating people about the whole Puppy Mill issue. From the ones who pump out puppies, never giving proper health care and feeling nothing for the animals who bring in their profits. The subject of shelters, rescue groups and foster homes is a complicated one. I have fostered dogs myself and the dogs went onto wonderful families. If you feel strongly about rescuing a dog then do so, it is a wonderful thing to do. And as we all know there are many dogs in need. But if you are like some people who have a specific breed in mind; you know yourself and your family and know what you would like in regards to a new family member if you've done your research and found a great breeder who is willing to place a puppy with you, then that is a wonderful thing as well.

Do not judge people because they want a certain breed of dog. The shelters are not filling up with unwanted puppies from great breeders. A great breeder takes back puppies when it doesn't work out. The shelter is filling up with dogs from Puppy Mills; the one that you buy in a petstoreor online. And petstores rely on the "awwwww" factor, hoping that even when you weren't thinking of getting a puppy that an impulse buy is not far off. These are the dogs that fill the shelters; and the puppies who are born and offered off free for the taking.

It is a sad state for dogs these days; great dog guardians are a good thing. Don't shun the ones who love dogs just because they don't have the same ideology as you do.

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