Happy Valentines day

To all my dog loving readers; Happy Valentines Day. Although this is very much a human celebration; many will be spending it with their significant canines. As I was shopping yesterday I noted all the heart stuff you can buy for your pooch and from the look of the meager amount left on the shelf; there are alot of dogs getting a new heart collar, coat or bowl today. Cute. It's a typical day here at our house; Luke is gone on his run with Dad and the oldies are still in bed with me. We will be up and at it shortly.

Speaking of hearts; there is a common phrase in the dogworld "heart dog." What exactly does heart dog mean? In my opinion; the term heart dog explains a dog who has made an intense impact on your life. One who would be best described as the canine version of a sole mate. Many dogs may come and go; passing through your life, each leaving an impression of their own. But there are some dogs who just stand out; who leave a deep trench upon your heart. These are the heart dogs.

I often find it difficult to say one or two of my past dogs were heart dogs and not all of them. It is that human "guilt" issue that we have. But just like with humans; there is a difference in us all. I most definitely loved each dog deeply but differently. The relationship you have with one dog is never the same with another. This is one of the reasons that we humans should never compare dogs. Dogs are individuals; each fills your life with their own individualism. My own three could not be more different; and this is one reason that they are such a wonderful pack.

I've had a couple of heart dogs in my life; and they are heart dogs for very different reasons. My first heart dog was Jake; the doberman who was never mine, he was the dog that started it all. He was the catalyst to my life in dogs. Jake has a special place in my heart that no other dog will ever replace; it cannot be done. With each stage of our human life; our dogs fit into their own little compartment in our heart. There are lots of compartments and lots of room for more. If you love dogs; there is always room for more.

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