The heart of a k9

A true heart; that is what dwells inside of a canine. Sure they are all different but they all have heart; whether it shows through drive to work, to keep going when we as humans would give up or to just be there for us when we need them, dogs have heart. As I watch my girl Tilley struggle to stay upright; she often turns to me for reassurance. Surely after three weeks of living in a body where your body has you off your level is trying and discouraging; but she keeps plodding along.

There are dog stories galore of individuals who just never gave up. Dogs who have been done wrong by humans over and over but yet they still trust a different type of human, one who holds the heart of a canine in their heart. The dogs who live to protect and serve; they never falter in their work. The strays that wander into our heart and home who give us undying love and devotion or the who lays still so that the sick or elderly can simply enjoy their company.

Many of you receive my monthly Newsletter. Along with the educational material in my Newsletter I would like to add stories from the heart; the canine heart that is. I know they are out there; I've heard so many now that they are all intertwined. There is nothing like The Heart of a Canine; tell me about your canine or one that you know or met briefly in passing, I'd love to hear it.

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